Outdoor Fire Pits Melbourne

Outdoor Fire Pits Melbourne

Fire Pits Melbourne

Nothing beats an outdoor fire, especially in winter. Entertaining outdoors with an outdoor fire pits has never been more enjoyable, thanks to Red Hill Wrought Iron. There is no need to stay indoors when it is chilly outside as we have the perfect outdoor furniture for your garden to suit any weather condition. Stay warm outside all year round with outdoor fire pits Melbourne.

Aside from being a great way to entertain outside, men love to get around an open fire – it is not only a way for them to bond with their mates, but it also gives them satisfaction when being able to chop their own wood to burn.

Handcrafted Outdoor Fire Pits in Melbourne Matches Your Style and Budget

Red Hill Wrought Iron can hand craft outdoor fire pits Melbourne in a variety of styles to suit your personal tastes. Combine different finishes to give a two-tone effect that is visually attractive. Add a touch of your personality to any hand crafted garden furniture.

The size of the item can vary, and this will depend on the area in which you wish to place your outdoor fire pit. There are no limitations to shape as well – you may prefer round, oval or square. Our outdoor garden furniture can be made to the specifications you require, leaving you with the task of simply filling the new bespoke furniture with wood for the next time you entertain. In addition, we provide a wide range of products, including metal garden sculptures in Melbourne, fire tools, wrought iron doors, and much more.

Fire Pits in Melbourne
Backyard Outdoor Fire Pits in Melbourne

Fabulous Fire Pits for Outdoor Gatherings

Create an inviting and warm atmosphere with a Red Hill Wrought Iron outdoor fire pits Melbourne. All of our outdoor furniture is hand crafted from heavy gauge metal, so that you have many years of enjoying the great outdoors with your mates. Having stylish outdoor furniture makes entertaining outside enjoyable. So gather a group together and enjoy the great outdoors at any time of the year.

Red Hill Wrought Iron also hand forge other bespoke furniture to complement your outdoor setting. Browse through our Gallery page for further ideas.

Fire Pit Cost In Melbourne

The exact cost of a fire pit in Melbourne depends on multiple factors. We can run our project at a low as well as high price rate without compromising on quality. However, the rate for labour per hour or per job highly impacts the product cost. Moreover, the custom-made fire pits may cost you more because it requires additional groundwork and landscaping.

Additionally, manual labour, pavers, and all fire pit materials required to install a personalised fire pit also affect the project price. However, our price quote depends on your choice, taste, specifications, purpose, and budget. We will know your budget and advice you on the best option that will go with it.

If you purchase our products, we ensure you are getting what you are paying for. We use high-quality material to ensure safety. Our products come in impressive designs that enhance the aesthetics because we know this is one of the main reasons why you are paying us. Moreover, you will get value for your investment through our technical consistency and other accessories and options. Contact us to know in detail.



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