Is copper safe for bird bath?
Having a bird bath in your garden or backyard is a sure-fire way to attract more birds. Bird bath adds beauty to our yard and makes it look perfect to attract a whole range of birds. The bird bath is an ideal solution as a source of drinking and bathing water for birds during summer and winter. Birds need water not only to drink and stay hydrated but also to bathe, tidy, and keep cool.

There is a variety of bird baths available in the market. Concrete, plastic, ceramic, glass, stone, and metal are the most common. But all of them are not good. Birds attract bird baths with a rough surface that allows them to have a strong grip with their claws. Slippery sides will often make the bird’s landing difficult as they can slip and slide. Shallow sloping sides with varying water depths allow each species of bird to bathe at their preferred depth. This water depth range should be from 1-4 inches (2.5-10cm). But the kind of material used to make bird baths is also an important consideration.

Most bird lovers want to install a bird bath in their garden but they often get confused to buy the right type of bird bath. You also have the same confusion; you can reach out to us. Red Hill Wrought Iron offers you high-quality, long-lasting, and safe bird baths to make your garden and backyard look complete. Iron or Steel and Copper bird baths are the best solutions to invite more bird species in your garden.

Copper is one of the most flexible and versatile options among all the popular materials for bird baths. They are available in various designs, styles, and sizes that will enhance the aesthetics of your yard. They are long-lasting and safe for the bird which is a huge positive for any outdoor item.

The copper metal bird baths are completely safe. It provides some natural antibacterial protection to the bowl. Due to copper’s biostatic properties, there are fewer chances that algae grow in a copper bird bath. All bird baths, even those made of pure copper, must be cleaned regularly to remove all unwanted growths.

Furthermore, people have concerns regarding the potential for copper toxicity when birds are exposed to excess copper in their bird baths. It should be noted that excessive amounts of copper ingestion are required for toxicity to occur, and simply using a copper bird bath or having a small amount of copper submerged in the water are unlikely to cause any serious issue in birds.

How to clean copper bird bath?
It is good to keep the bird bath filled with water to invite a wide variety of birds. Bathing birds may leave their droppings and dirty feathers behind, making the bath highly unhygienic for other birds. Grackles often leave their nestlings’ fecal sacs into bird baths that are another reason for filthy water in a bird bath.

If the bird bath is not cleaned properly, Algae grows much faster and makes the bird bath unattractive for many other bird species. Additionally, the dirty bird bath becomes the home to many mosquitoes that transmit the virus to humans and animals so, it is important to clean bird baths frequently, but how to do it.

A clean and fresh bird bath is the most attractive to birds, and if you know the steps to clean a birdbath properly, you can easily maintain backyard or garden water sources. You can try the following ways:

  • First of all, dump out all the dirty water from the copper bird bath.
  • Remove any large deposits of spilled seed, droppings, feces, debris, or other contaminants using a high-pressure water nozzle.
  • Prepare a solution of one part distilled white vinegar to 9 parts water to scrub the birdbath properly. Take a soft scrubber and clean the copper bird bath lightly.
  • Suppose the bird bath is extremely dirty and simply scrubbing is not helpful. In that case, it may be necessary to use the vinegar solution to soak the bird bath for several minutes, but make sure that it should be covered during that time to be sure no birds drink and bathe in this.
  • Rinse the bird bath properly with running water until there is no constant foaming.
  • Now let it dry completely. You can also clean the area around the bird bath.
  • Refill the bird bath with fresh & clean water.

While cleaning a bird bath, it is important always to wear rubber gloves to avoid contamination from faecal in the water or on the bird bath’s surface.

Though all copper bird baths will eventually need to be cleaned, there are some quick tips we want to share with you to minimise the need for frequent cleanings.

  • Select a shady spot for the birdbath in your garden to minimise algae growth.
  • When refilling the bird bath, remove the stagnant water rather than just adding more.
  • Place the bird bath away from the bird feeders so spilled seed won’t land in the water.
  • Keep the bird bath in a place where it won’t be clogged by falling leaves, grass clippings, and other debris.
Why to buy copper and steel bird bath with stand?
The stylish copper and steel bird bath can be an iconic ornament to your outdoors. It gives a place to birds in your garden or yard when they want to quench thirst or simply splash around.

A heavy concrete bird bath was the only option in earlier days, but these days, you can find a huge range of bird baths in different sizes, shapes, and materials. A copper or steel bird bath is perfect if you are worried about durability. This material is incredibly pleasing to the eye, looks classy, and becomes a focal point in your garden.

Most people interested in purchasing a bird bath opt to buy one that already has a stand included. Red Hill Wrought Iron also recommends buying a copper and steel bird bath for many reasons.

  • Buying a copper and steel bird bath with a stand makes the installation significantly easier in your garden or yard.
  • When you choose a bird bath that has all of the pieces necessary, you won’t have to worry about finding a bowl and a stand that fit properly together.
  • Having a bird bath with a stand offers you a wider array of placement possibilities. They are lighter in weight and can be lifted easily and placed at a suitable location.
  • Copper and steel bird baths with stands are exactly space saver as their conventional counterparts. You don’t need to have a huge garden to install these bird baths. They are a perfect solution for anyone with small areas.
  • These bird baths are small enough to be taken indoors and cleaned in your utility sink.
  • Replacing such a bird bath with a stand is quite easy unlike the conventional ones with a fixed stand. The task of removing the concrete bird bath from your property can take more time, energy, and money than you might expect.
  • Steel or copper bird baths with stands come in different styles, models that allow you to choose the one that suits your area, space, and surrounding.
  • The height of the birdbath is critical to help the birds to drink water from it. Smaller birds are comfortable at taller baths. The birdbath with a stand gives them a better field of view.

If you want to buy a copper or steel bird bath with a stand, Red Hill Wrought Iron can offer you an amazing range with different sizes and models which are big on aesthetics and make a gorgeous addition to any property. Whether your look is rustic, chic, traditional, or ultra-modern, it’ll seamlessly blend with any garden or backyard.

What is a garden obelisk used for?
Garden Obelisks can be the perfect solution when you want to add beauty and style to your backyard or front yard. Garden obelisks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most common garden obelisks are tall, rectangular, rounded, or oblong forms and pyramids. It is a great and inexpensive way to make your garden look attractive.

Wrought iron garden obelisks can serve multiple functions. When used in a flower garden, they offer support for flowers such as clematis, climbing roses, morning glories, and many other plants. Different types of vining fruits and vegetables like tomatoes can be grown on obelisks such as different types of beans in the kitchen garden. Obelisks create a focal point in the garden.

If you want to buy a garden obelisk for your backyard, be sure to invest some time choosing the right one because it will be the centre of attraction. They can make your garden appear as if it was designed by a professional.

Red Hill Wrought Iron offers a beautiful collection of bespoke, traditional, or contemporary obelisk designs. If you want to personalise it to give an organised look within your garden, they’ll easily do it for you. A conventional obelisk featured in a rounded flower bed perfectly demonstrates how obelisks are an exceptional way to provide a centre point and highlight an area in your garden. They use only heavy gauge metal to provide strength and durability to your garden obelisk.

Garden obelisks can be used creatively to create a dynamic arrangement in a seating area in the courtyard garden. They are perfect if you want to make the entrance of your garden more attractive. Make sure you place the wrought iron obelisk on a flat surface. You can use a level tool while placing it on the ground and try to make it even. Otherwise, the obelisk will tilt to one side over time and the plant will also take the same shape and look odd. You can choose any shape for an obelisk that is pleasing to you and blends with your garden.

Whether you are looking for an obelisk to beautify the garden path, add style to your courtyard garden, or create an instant centre point, obelisks are a unique way to add interest to the garden. Be sure to place them in the area where you can enjoy their presence daily. You can use an obelisk for vines such as ivy and create living green topiaries to add a bit of style to your garden.

Where to buy garden obelisks in Melbourne?
Garden obelisks are a great feature in any garden. They are a unique way to provide structure and interest to areas in your garden. If you want to provide excellent support for plants and add an attractive addition to any garden, garden obelisks are a fantastic way.

Most local home & garden centre shops and wrought iron furniture stores offer garden obelisks in various sizes and designs. If you are specifically looking for wrought iron ones, you may check wrought iron specialty stores. Salvage or antique shops may also keep wrought iron garden obelisks. You can even get garden obelisks in various online stores at affordable prices.

With so many to choose from and budget points, you can go for the online option. You may check whether the one you selected online is available at local shops in Melbourne. The online store offers you a huge variety, but getting your favourite one at local shops can save you money on shipping charges.

Extremely popular wrought iron garden obelisks are becoming the attraction point in almost every home in Melbourne. A garden obelisk can be a wonderful addition to any outdoor space, but be sure to check the size, colour, and material before you buy. When you go to local shops to buy obelisk, you can ask the manufacturer to customise it as per your needs, which is impossible if you buy online. Buying obelisks from a reputable local vendor allow you to get it replaced or repaired if you face any quality issue.

There are many garden obelisk manufactures and providers in Melbourne. With so many companies available, people often get confused to choose the best company to buy garden obelisks in Melbourne.

Choosing Red Hill Wrought Iron to buy garden obelisks can make the difference. We offer a huge range of garden obelisk to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your garden. Our wrought iron garden obelisk can be designed and manufactured in various styles, sizes, and finishes to go with your taste and garden setting. They can be easily installed by simply placing over the growing plant on your garden ground and pushing its legs into the soil until firm.

Garden obelisks not only provide support to your favourite climbing plant but also add some style and interest to your garden beds. People who want a formal and modern look to your garden should go for our bespoke, best-in-class wrought Iron garden obelisk.

What to grow on a garden obelisk?
Obelisks are the best way to showcase climbing plants, especially in gardens where fences and walls are lacking. It serves both functional and decorative purposes. These structures add a style element that can serve as a centre of attraction in the garden.

They’re most effective when not overused. These tall structures support the type of plant you want to grow, such as scarlet runner beans, vigorous varieties of morning glories, climbing roses, clematis, and many other plants.

By using a garden obelisk to grow attractive, fragrant climbing or rambling roses, you can convert a dull, even unsightly area into one of the most eye-catching features in your garden.

For obelisks, train a couple of the rose stems straight up to the top of the obelisk structure. Then twist the other stems around the frame, tying in as you go. This supports flowers upwards from the ground. Once the stems have reached the top of the obelisk, do regular pruning to keep them within bounds.

You can grow different types of vegetables and vining fruits on wrought iron obelisks in the Victorian kitchen garden. Any climbing bean would grow perfectly in an obelisk as the vines constantly stretch upward, looking for light. You can also try growing runner beans and French climbing beans in your kitchen garden. Runner beans are thirsty and greedy plants so one layer raised bed with organic matter mixed in should build the perfect growing environment.

The vines of the sweet peas love to climb a plant support structure such as a garden obelisk. You can grow your pea plants in fertile soil and water them properly during hot dry weather. The heart-shaped leaves of sweet potato look amazing growing in a wide, deep raised bed and growing an obelisk. Sweet potatoes are a tropical harvest and grow well in hot temperatures so you choose a location where they feel the heat throughout the day. ‘Beauregard Improved’ and ‘Carolina Ruby’ are also good choices to grow on garden obelisks.

Golden Apple, Uchiki Kuri, or Tromboncino are three varieties of small round squash suitable for obelisk training. Keep the soil moist by constantly watering around the plants and not over them. As they need a good amount of water, it’s a good idea to sink a 15cm (6 inches) pot along with the plants when planting out water into this. You can also try an obelisk for an indoor plant such as jasmine or other climbing plants. Small ones can be placed inside a pot.

How do you store firewood outside?
There are so many ways to store firewood outside homes. Whether you have the extra space to store firewood outside or not, you will find amazing wood storage solutions that will suit various preferences and situations.

The best firewood storage can save you a lot of money and a guarantee of warmth on freezing nights. Firewood storage racks and holders are a practical solution and offer a warm and welcoming vibe to space when kept neatly. They are attractive as well as functional.

If you want to enjoy cold winter evenings by sitting near a fireplace, it’s important to keep your wood stack dry and off the ground. That’s why a good outdoor firewood storage holder is essential.

A firewood holder will organise logs properly and give extra storage height. Many types of firewood holders and stackers are available in the market. You can choose the right one depending on your needs and budget.

Different types of firewood storage solution are:

  • Rack: Firewood racks are a great way to store wood in a smaller space. They come in different size options and also can be customised to your needs. It allows the user to stack the wood neatly to dry properly and get ready for use.
  • Cart: Cart firewood storage is a great choice when you want to take woods from one location to another. These are very heavy-duty and designed to last longer, provide storage space for your firewood, and make it easy to move your logs without a lot of effort.
  • Wrought Iron firewood holder: It is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It looks attractive, blends with your home décor. It is highly durable and strong enough to hold the wood weight. You don’t have to worry about insects attacking when you use a wrought iron firewood holder. /li>
  • Metal wood stacker: A rounded metal wood stacker wood is fairly heavy and sturdy. It will be helpful if you want to hold a huge quantity of wood in one place. With such a firewood storage option, you will never be running out of woods in the middle of winter. Metal wood stacker would stay intact for many seasons

There are endless ways to store firewood. One thing to consider when choosing outdoor firewood storage is the space you have available. Red Hill Wrought Iron offers the best quality and cost-effective firewood storage solutions for the outdoors that perfectly go with your home décor and match your preferences.

What fireplace tools do I need?
Everyone just loves to sit in front of the fireplace on chilling winter nights. But to properly build that flame in your fireplace, an understanding of your fireplace tools can be essential.

When you are around an open fire, make sure you use fire tools to avoid getting burnt. Fireplace tools help you protect yourself as well as your wood-burning fireplace.

The essential fireplace tools are:

  • Poker: The poker is used to poke in the fire and move woods so that more oxygen reaches the fire and burns properly. A good fireplace poker can hook, collect, and push burning firewood pieces. When you buy a poker, try to find the one with an insulated handle to protect you from getting burned while using this tool. It should be long enough to manage big fires.
  • Tongs: Fireplace tongs are used to hold and move burning logs to control the fire. While using tongs, you should have a strong grip on it to pick heavy logs. Be sure to get a longer set of fireplace tongs so you can move the logs and manage the fire without getting into the fireplace. Tongs allow you to move and pick up firewood without any danger of getting burned.
  • Shovel and Bucket: Shovel is made of iron or metal that can be used when the fire is drying out. You will require a fireplace shovel to safely collect coals and ashes from the firebox and put them into the metal bucket. While buying, be sure the bucket has a lid that helps to prevent accidental fires from smouldering ashes.
  • Broom: Whenever you burn wood in the fireplace, it will leave some ashy residue nearby space. Of course, you need the broom to clean this but not the one you use for sweeping your home. This is why a fireplace broom is essential to have in your fireplace tool kit.
  • Log Holder: Use a sturdy log holder made of durable material to keep logs. It will make it convenient for you to use logs to feed the fire without going outside every time to bring logs.

If you need help deciding exactly which fireplace tools you need, contact Red Hill Wrought Iron. We know which fireplace tools are best for you. We offer a complete range of fireplace tools. We ensure that the height and size of the tool will suit your fireplace. We can design the fire tools to match existing furniture.

How to choose fireplace tools?
A new fireplace tool kit brings both style and utility to your fireside. Fireplace tools are must-haves to maintain a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. They are also vital for building and maintaining fire tasks.

Fireplace negligence can invite accidental situations with devastating results. Having the right fire tool can help to combat these unfortunate situations. As they are available in varied styles, sizes and materials, you might find it difficult to choose the right set of fire tools.

  • Height matters- First, choose fireplace tools that have good height to go with your fireplace. Tools which are 26 to 30 inches tall are suitable for most standard fireplaces. Another range of fireplace tools is 22 to 25 inches which are ideal for wood stoves. If your hearth is quite huge, choose the taller tools to maintain the fire safely.
  • Basic toolset- A basic fireplace tool kit includes a minimum of three tools: pokers for adjusting the woods, a shovel for collecting coals & ashes, and a broom or brush for clean up together with a stand. Many sets also have a pair of tongs. It is useful for stoking the fire or shifting logs. You can simply go for this if you don’t have high expectations and do not want to spend too much on this.
  • Quality counts: While buying the fireplace tool kit, make sure the tools are sturdy with tightly attached handles. We prefer buying tools with insulated handles for extra safety, but be sure to pay more for this. Check whether the stand holds the tools securely and not just tip over when you take out one.
  • Decide on the material– Once you’ve selected which tools you want to include in your set, it’s now time to decide what material you prefer your tools to be made up of. Fireplace tools are usually available in wrought iron and steel, so they can be heat resistant. But, other material choices are also available like brass, copper, bronze, or painted black with heat-resistant properties. You can choose the right one depending on your preferences.
  • Go for style element– A fireplace tool set is very basic, but selecting the right set in a specific metal, can add a style element to the room décor. Tough, classic, rugged and the black tint of wrought iron fireplace tools blend with almost any decor.

The style of your fireplace tools greatly adds to the aesthetic of your home. Thus, it is important to choose the right set of fire tools. If you find any difficulty in selecting the best tool kit for your fireplace, get in touch with Red Hills Wrought Iron.

Where to buy outdoor fire pits near me?
Transforming your backyard with the addition of a fire pit will create a perfect ambience for family meals, heartfelt chats, and casual hangouts after a long hectic day. Deciding to add a fire pit to your outside space is the easy part, but along with this, you need to make many quick decisions and narrow down the best fire pit buying options.

There are plenty of fire pits available in the market. You will find no shortage of models, designs, and sizes. Nevertheless, an overabundance of fire pits ensures that you can choose one depending on your stylistic preferences and home’s design. If you have decided everything about fire pits design and style, the next big question arises: where to buy it.

There are so many online stores and local stores that offer a huge variety of fire pits.

Online Stores

If you have been considering the installation or placement of a fire pit for your outdoor area, then you surely need to take a look at all the great options available at online stores. You can shop an exclusive collection of fire pits and accessories at leading online stores like Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy, TractorSupply, Firepits, Costco, American Glass, Fire Pit Outfitter, etc. Premium quality, best design, and affordability are all that online stores offer to everyone.

The leading online retailers offer the best fire pit solution to people who want to make quick and cheap purchases on the internet. From round metal bowls to UFO-shaped products, these online fire pit stores sell these beautiful products that add a WOW factor to your outdoors. What makes these stores even better is that you get the fire pits delivered to your home within 1-2 days.

Local Stores (Wrought Iron Furniture Retailers and Dedicated Garden Shops)

You can buy fire pits from a local dedicated garden store or a furniture retailer). If you want to buy a fire pit near your area, just search for fire pit stores near your area. You will get the top sellers’ names on the search page. You can choose the top five and check their websites. You might find your preference on their product list and place your order. You can also try visiting their physical stores and explore their huge range of fire pits.

Also, check with Red Hill Wrought Iron for the most stylish, decorative, and functional fire pits. Whether you are looking for tabletop fire pits, round metal fire pits, or square-shaped fire pits, we can offer you everything at the best prices.