Metal Garden Sculptures Melbourne, Australia

Stunning Metal Garden Sculptures Melbourne

Red Hill Wrought Iron is one of the pioneering in metal garden sculptures Melbourne and iron metal art manufacturers in Red Hill. Our dedication and hard work with meticulous workmanship has earned an everlasting reputation in this highly competitive industry.

Our iron sculpture art is very popular among our prestigious clients based anywhere from Melbourne to Yarrawonga, and elsewhere in Victoria, because of its originality and uniqueness. We combine our skill and expertise with creative instincts to satisfy our clients. We pride ourselves for our high professionalism, quality products, superior customer service, collaboration and professional engagement with all of our customers, no matter what size and budget of the project is.

Specialities Of Our Garden Sculptures Melbourne

Red Hill Wrought Iron specialises in all types of garden sculptures Melbourne, and other parts of Australia. In our Red Hill artisan studio, the creativity of our skilful artisans shines through our distinctive wrought iron garden furniture and unique indoor items that can enhance the aesthetic appearance of their surroundings. Some of the specialities of our metal garden sculptures are:

Fine Quality Material Used for Metal Garden Sculptures

Red Hill Wrought Iron never compromises on quality. All our wrought iron furniture is made up of the finest quality materials, which is supplied by reputed Australian vendors. We are renowned for maintaining the highest standard with a perfect finish while complementing the style of your home or garden.

All our metal garden sculptures and other types of decorative home items are characterized by dark luster and rustic appearance, which makes them attractive. Call 0417 594 088 if you are looking for Metal Garden Art & Sculptures for your home or business in Melbourne, Australia




An Extensive Range Of Furniture

Our increasing customer satisfaction rates and their valuable feedback prove that we are a trusted name known for producing a wide array of furniture with unique designs and highly-competitive rates in the market. Some of our best-selling furniture include:

A Blend Of Traditional Flavour With Modern Contemporary in Garden sculptures Art

We use our experience and in-depth knowledge to understand the taste of our esteemed clients. We give dark lustre and rustic appearance to wall features, which is very popular nowadays. We are renowned for utilising traditional forging techniques to create original handcrafted wrought iron furniture for your garden as well as for interior home decoration.

We take the right temperature needed from the coal-fired forge to create your favourite metal garden sculptures and other pieces of art.

Customised Furniture in Melbourne, Australia

We also customise the wrought iron furniture as per your need and specifications. Each piece of our art is unique in its style, design, pattern, and colour, and has a handmade appearance. Depending on your preference, we apply different colours to your favourite furniture. Get in touch with us for metal garden sculptures in Melbourne, Australia.

Hand-Crafted Furniture Melboune

Our highly talented team members work very hard to give a remarkable unique touch to each piece of furniture that you desire. We don’t mass produce any of our wrought iron products. We dedicate a substantial amount of time to handcraft all types of furniture and sell them directly to our customers. We don’t supply any wholesale products. This ensures that your furniture is unique and a part of a small collection of extraordinary products.

Metal Garden Sculptures Cost in Melbourne, Australia

We know your budget is the primary factor that impacts your purchasing decision. Hence, we design and manufacture our high-quality metal garden sculptures keeping your spending plan in mind. It enables our customers to enjoy our premium yet affordable pieces produced with love.

Explore our garden sculptures selection to get the best in unique and customised hand forge pieces. We have a vast range of garden sculptures available at heavily competitive prices. We have something to suit every customer’s needs with experienced and skilled artisans, affordable prices, and large options to choose from.

Whether you want a fire pit, garden obelisk, garden armour, bird, bath, plant support, concentric orb, outdoor metalwork art or any other sculptures, we can design and manufacture it in the way you want. Additionally, we will offer you a quote based on your preference, sculpture type and size, the number of pieces required, carrying and installation cost, the time required to complete the project and much more.

We provide an upfront quote free from hidden fees. You will never have to worry about the surprise prices that may hit your pocket later with us. We transparently estimate our product cost and service cost based on your affordability, choice, and suitability.

Wrought Iron

Fire Pits

Nothing beats an outdoor fire, especially in winter. Entertaining outdoors with an outdoor fire pit has never been more enjoyable, thanks to Red Hill Wrought Iron.

Garden Obelisks Melbourne

Garden Obelisk

A garden obelisk is an outdoor piece of furniture that can be used as a garden feature or to grow roses.

Firewood Holders and Stackers

Wood Holders and Stackers

A wood fireplace inside the home is ever so cosy on a cold winter day. Snuggle up with a blanket.

Wrought Iron Gates Melbourne

Wrought Iron Door & Gates

We recently installed into a garden. We initially made them for a vegetable garden, but they would suit any garden requiring an ornate pedestrian gate. We also offer ducks and alpacas.

Garden Arbour Melbourne

Garden Arbour

Garden arbour, also referred to as a trellis, is a framework that is traditionally positioned at the entrance of a garden.

Pool Fence Melbourne

Pool Fence

Add that wow factor to your pool fencing by turning it into a garden sculpture.

Property Signs Melbourne

Property Signs

Red Hill Wrought Iron manufacture rustic property signs. The bespoke metal studs raise the profile of the sign to give that distinctive hand made appearance.

Bird Bath Melbourne

Bird Bath

The Red Hill Wrought Iron bird bath concept originated during a hot dry period and the joy of watching small birds congregate around my quenching pot and take a dip to cool off and take a drink.

Barn Door Roller Melbourne

Barn Door Roller

Made here in Australia, our old world barn door rollers offer character and style with the raised lettering. Fitted with four sealed bearings for easy sliding, the barn door can be adjusted on the track with the inbuilt levelling screw.

Concentric Orb/Planetary Sphere

Concentric Orb/Planetary Sphere

Red Hill Wrought Iron hand crafts concentric orbs or planetary spheres, which are a series of solid rings or ellipses.

Espalier Melbourne


An espalier is a tree or shrub that is trained to grow flat against a wall, fence or trellis. A major benefit an espalier is that it will save space.

Fireplace Tools Melbourne

Fire Tools

These fire tools are part of our bespoke furniture range and make a complete set for any fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Plant Support Melbourne

Plant Supports

Plant supports offer stability to plants laden with foliage and beautiful flowers.

Corten Plant Pots Melbourne

Corten Plant Pots

Our Corten planter pots are made from 2mm thick steel. Made to customer specifications they add colour with the natural rust patina. Fitted with drain holes and raised feet.

Corten Street Numbers Melbourne

Corten Street Numbers

Corten street numbers are an impressive piece of art for the front of any property. Custom made to your requirements, they can be fitted with a single pole or mounted on a rail for easy installation.

outdoor Metal wall art Melbourne

Outdoor Metal Wall Art

Our main objective is to provide the best metal wall art pieces for artwork enthusiasts and art lovers with our expert service and in-depth knowledge to modernise your wall with an exclusive look.


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