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Bird Bath

If you are a bird lover and want to attract a varied range of bird species to your garden, then the best solution is to buy a iron or steel and copper bird baths for your garden. They are the basin filled with water, having a gradual depth so birds can use it to bath and drink. It is a critical support element for the stressed bird population. If you are thinking of having one in your garden, then Red Hill Wrought Iron are here to help you, providing quality bird baths in Melbourne.

Over the years of experience and expertise, we ensure to provide the best outdoor furniture or items that suits your requirements. We make all our unique collections of bird baths from wrought iron, steel or copper.

Choosing our hand made wrought iron, steel or copper bird bath will give you a feel of class while adding elegance to your overall garden look. From making the layout of the design, choosing the best style and colour, creating original handcrafted garden sculptures in Melbourne to delivering it to your doorstep, we cover all in our bird bath development process.

Features Included in Copper & Steel Bird Bath

Maximum Bird Comfort

Our bird baths are designed with birds in mind. It has a narrow lip which is more comfortable for small birds. According to the study, an ideal birdbath will be 25 to 75 mm deep. We provide both options in shallow and deep areas of the basin for the well-being of various birds.

Perfect Height

The height for birds is most valuable when they want to drink water. After observing how the birds are using the area they feed on, i.e., are they using lower feeders or comfortable with the height, we have designed our bird baths in Melbourne.

Convenient Size

Small bird baths are convenient, whereas large ones accommodate more birds and hold more water. We have a collection of wrought iron, steel and copper bird baths with perfect sizes which can hold more water. Our bird baths are not shallow so that small birds don’t drown.

We Advise You the Perfect Place for Your Bird Baths

Location is crucial for placing your garden sculptures in Melbourne. If you place your bird baths anywhere without taking precautions, then it can hurt the birds. At Red Hill Wrought Iron, we not only provide you with quality bird bath with an incredible architectural element like garden obelisk but also advise you where to place the bird baths.

Place your bird bath in the shade if possible, to keep the water cooler in summer days. You should place it in level, safer areas where they are not likely to fall or spill easily. Also, choose a location that can be easily visible to birds. Avoid placing your wrought iron bird bath, steel or copper bird bath beneath trees or shrubs that shed blooms, seeds or fruits.

Benefits of Choosing Our Iron Bird Bath

  • For every bird watcher, our wrought iron bird bath with many unique options of outdoor wall art in Melbourne is like a cherry on the top. They come in beautiful and colourful varieties, enhancing your outdoor experience.
  • Buying birdbaths can be beneficial in controlling bugs that are a threat to your garden fruits and vegetables.
  • Our iron bird baths that attract birds to visit your yard will engage in hunting insects, worms, and eat plant parts. It will eventually help aerate the soil in your yard.

From Iconic Bird Baths to Ornamental Garden Sculptures, All at One Place!

If you want to add the aesthetic value to your garden while attracting birds, then our wrought iron, steel or copper bird baths are a brilliant choice. Along with our stunning outdoor fire pits Melbourne, wrought iron doors and gates, we offer a comprehensive range of outdoor wall art in Melbourne. From satisfactory customer service to cost-effective outdoor wall art in Melbourne, we provide all as per your needs. For the best deals on bird baths and other outdoor furniture, contact us at 0417 594 088. Our friendly team of experts will help you beautify your garden, offering quality wrought iron bird baths, steel or copper bird baths in Melbourne at an affordable price.



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