An espalier is a tree or shrub that is trained to grow flat against a wall, fence or trellis. A major benefit of growing an espalier is that it will save space in a small backyard. No one will ever have to miss out on gardening again! As part of the wrought iron garden furniture range, Red Hill Wrought Iron hand crafts espaliers in varying shapes and sizes to suit your outdoor area. Using an espalier as part of your outdoor garden furniture will not only give a decorative touch but offers practicality as well.

This outdoor garden furniture piece was intended to train an ornamental apple tree in order to save space. An espalier can also be used to grow a plant against a north facing wall to offer protection against frost. Our Red Hill artisan studio will custom make wrought iron garden furniture, such as this espalier, so that your tree is protected and allowed to flourish. Dimensions of your espalier will be determined by the size of your tree or shrub.

Garden furniture with fine detail gives an appealing look to your garden. Practical garden furniture can also look attractive and some will use it as a feature in their outdoor space. Position an espalier as a stand alone feature or combine it with multiple espaliers or other wrought iron garden furniture.

We hand craft wrought iron furniture to compliment the style you are trying to achieve. An espalier can have multiple decorative features, such as scrolling and twist patterns on the horizontal and vertical cross bars. Mix it up a bit and you will have your own hand crafted piece for a special place in your garden.

The finish of an espalier will also give different looks – opt for the rusted aged appearance or alternatively, choose from untouched grey metal or painted black to give a more modern touch.




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