Now, it’s time to turn your outdoor living area into an inviting oasis while maintaining the ease and comfort of the interior of your home. The outdoor living trends in Australia are changing with each season. It’s all about bringing the aesthetic beauty of indoors out.

When spring is on the horizon, we can’t wait to contain our excitement for longer days, warmer weather and the fun activities that the new season brings with it. We look forward to sunshine, delicious food, and fresh air ahead.

Similarly, the fall season has its outdoor entertainment beauty with changing leaves, chilly nights, and the return of football. All these signify one thing – outdoor fun with family and close friends. Your outdoor living space is the best way to take advantage of the wonderful times of the year.

The furniture plays a significant role in enhancing the functionality and complementing the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor living area. Today, your outdoor living spaces are more than just an entry door; they have become the extension of the home, considering the style and design of the house to produce a seamless and cohesive feel.

You must spruce up your outdoor by choosing the custom wrought iron furniture that best fits your outdoor living area because the first impression counts. We manufacture, supply, and install outdoor garden furnitureoutdoor fire pitsiron gatesfirewood holdersgarden benchestree guards, and other items for display for your room and garden. We specialize in making wrought iron garden arbourmetal garden sculptures, and indoor decorative items that suit any type of garden setting or home appearance. We value your specifications and needs. We dedicate substantial time to understand your taste before starting our project. Get in touch with us.

How to choose the most suitable custom iron furniture

Entertaining family and guest outside is fun, no matter the size of your outdoor living space. Functional, comfortable, and beautiful wrought iron furniture add charm and grandeur to your fun.

Premium-quality outdoor custom iron furniture in Australia can be a big investment for you. Choosing the type of furniture that best fits your outdoor living area is tricky and confusing, with numerous options available in the market. How to decide what to buy? You can follow some of the following practical tips before planning to invest in outdoor furniture:

Purpose of the space

The first step to choosing the right furniture is to decide how you want to utilise your outdoor living area to best suit your interest. Do you want to have a candlelit dinner, big barbeques, or prefer a shaded nook to read and relax? Are you willing to have a gathering space around your outside fireplace or need some furniture for the lounging area of your pool? You will have to analyse how you want to designate different areas for a specific purpose.

Accurate measurement of the area

You must measure the available space before deciding to buy any outdoor furniture. Keep the proportion and scale in mind while choosing the pieces because the style and size of furniture play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your space. The oversized furniture may make your small area appear smaller than its original size. Similarly, small sized furniture for your large patio will go unnoticed and not create the type of impression you want.

Thorough research

Thorough online research is necessary to avoid inferior quality, cheap wrought iron furniture because the market is flooded with numerous wrought iron manufacturers and suppliers. All of them claim their products to be the best. You must check the websites that sell outdoor wrought iron furniture in Australia. The customer reviews and feedback will give you a lot of information on furniture quality, style, durability and much more.

Consistent Style & Design

With consistent style and careful planning, you can create a seamless extension of your indoor living space to the outdoor patio. Your outdoor furniture should reflect the style and décor of your indoor architecture. Consistency of design and style will create the type of impression you want.

Maintenance & durability

Wrought iron furniture is highly in demand because of its sturdiness, strength, and distinctive appearance. Most of the pieces come with a weather-resistant finish that protects them against rusting. They are heavy and don’t blow away in high winds. The furniture can withstand the harsh Australian sun and other extremes of weather. You will have to paint it periodically for better maintenance.

Quality & Comfort

Comfort and quality should be your top-most priority while planning to purchase patio furniture. The style, design, and look of a custom piece are not enough if you don’t get the comfort you want while using it. You must look for quality and comfort.


The colour of the outdoor furniture complements the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings. Whether it’s your birthday party, barbeque, bonfire, or simply a relaxing time, it is vital because it shows off your taste and style. The beauty of colour adds more charm and love to your fun activities.

Final Thought

When you choose custom wrought iron furniture to complement the beauty and serenity of your outdoor living space, it is essential to pay attention to the quality, durability, integrity, and performance. As a leading supplier, manufacturer, and installer of custom wrought iron furniture for your room and outdoor living space in Melbourne, Red Hill Wrought Iron designs and hand forge a wide range of high-quality products for all budgets.

Hence, add chairs, dining tables, sectionals, rockers, firewood holder, and fire pits to make your patio ready to entertain your loved ones and extend the gathering from indoor to outdoors! Whether you hold a simple vision or dream of an elaborate outdoor living area, these ideas will help you create the type of backyard bliss you desire.