Wrought iron is becoming an increasingly popular material to use when creating various pieces of outdoor furniture. But why? What makes wrought iron so special? Our team of experts at Red Hill Wrought Iron have outlined all the important things you need to know about wrought iron furniture and how it can transform the look and feel of your garden. Learn everything there is to know about wrought iron, including what it is, why it is used for outdoor furniture, and how to care for the material properly. If you’re thinking about refreshing your outdoor space with the addition of new furniture, read on to find out why wrought iron may be the ideal choice for your purpose.

What Is Wrought Iron?

Wrought Iron is simply iron ore with less than 0.1% level of carbon in it. Compared to traditional cast iron, wrought iron is heated and then worked on with multiple tools to create a desired shape or structure. With less carbon, wrought iron is easier to work with as it is less brittle and simpler to weld.

Why Use Wrought Iron For Outdoor Furniture?

The reliability and functionality of wrought iron make it the perfect material to use for creating outdoor furniture. Wrought iron has a history of being utilised in forming long-standing landmarks, age-old architectural structures and taking part in innovative products. Hence, using a material such as wrought iron, which is corrosion-resistant, highly malleable, and incredibly versatile, is perfect for outdoor furniture, which will have to battle it out against the tough Australian climate. Wrought iron also has its aesthetic appeal, with a certain sense of antiquity being attached to each product that is formed from the material. This adds another level of character to outdoor furniture pieces and can be easily utilised to form a relevant yet unique theme throughout your whole garden.

Benefits And Features

There is a range of benefits and unique features associated with wrought iron. By using the material for your outdoor furniture needs, you will be ensuring that your pieces last for years to come and are made exactly how you want them to look.


The days filled with bland, monochrome patio furniture are over. Choose materials that allow you to showcase your creative talents. Wrought iron is highly customisable, which means you get to choose exactly how you want your furniture to look and what theme you want it to match. With a wide range of colours, finishes, and ergonomic designs to choose from, there’s always room for a personalised spin to your wrought iron outdoor furniture. 


The durability of wrought iron means that it is perfect for retaining the longevity of outdoor furniture. No matter what weather elements are thrown your way, it is guaranteed that your outdoor furniture will remain in optimal condition. Wrought iron is sturdy and less prone to denting, which means that with good care and the proper maintenance, your wrought iron furniture will last you a lifetime.

Visual Aesthetic

For a more rustic, visually appealing aesthetic, choose wrought iron as your go-to material for a classic, textured design component. Wrought iron furniture adds a sense of elegance and natural style to any garden landscape, and with its versatility, can be easily utilised in various settings. This means that when you’re ready for that garden makeover, you won’t need to stress about finding new outdoor furniture to fit the aesthetic. No matter what look you’re going for; wrought iron furniture will match it completely.


When it comes to outdoor furniture, practicality is everything. No one wants to sit on uncomfortable chairs or look at centrepieces that don’t work properly. With wrought iron, its increased malleability means pieces of furniture and other garden accessories are worked on until they meet the desired outcome. Enjoy a practical and aesthetically pleasing space when you choose wrought iron for your outdoor furniture needs.

Wrought Iron Care And Maintenance

Ensuring your wrought iron furniture remains in pristine condition for as long as possible comes down to how well you maintain it. Treating your outdoor furniture with the proper care is integral to upholding the pieces’ aesthetic appeal and their function within the space. There are many ways to provide your wrought iron furniture with the proper maintenance, including:

General Routine Cleaning

General routine cleaning can eradicate common issues such as dust and a build-up of dirt. As you wrought iron furniture is living outdoors, it is important that general cleaning is completed routinely to keep your furniture looking new and preventing rust from forming. Utilizing everyday cleaning items such as warm water, soap, and a tough sponge will do the trick.  

Intense Cleaning and Stain Removal

If you find that your wrought iron furniture is looking a little worse for wear, a more intense cleaning may be more suitable for maintenance purposes. This includes the same steps as a general clean with the addition of using sandpaper or a wire brush to remove any noticeable rust spots. You could also take further action by utilising chemicals – however, this is something better completed by professionals.

Preventative Care

There are a few ways of maintaining preventative care of your wrought iron furniture. This includes using furniture covering to protect it from harsh weather, applying wax, and giving it a dust down every week.

Overall, wrought iron furniture is easy to maintain once you’re aware of how to do it correctly. For more information on caring for your wrought iron furniture, read our blog on buying and maintaining wrought iron furniture in Australia.

The Perfect Wrought Iron Furniture

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