Wrought iron is a popular material for forming high-quality outdoor furniture. Wrought iron is an incredibly adaptable material with the ability to suit various aesthetics. However, buying and maintaining wrought iron furniture isn’t always easy. Therefore, our team at Red Hill have created a guide on buying and maintaining wrought iron furniture in Australia. We have outlined important ideas to remember when buying furniture, as well as tips on how to prolong the life of your wrought iron products and increase their longevity through proper maintenance.

A Buyer’s Guide To Wrought Iron

Understanding wrought iron before buying the appropriate furniture for your outdoor living space is integral to the overall maintenance of the product. Wrought iron differs from traditional cast iron as it is heated and then worked on to create a desired shape or structure.

Choosing wrought iron for your outdoor furniture can be a valuable investment. This is because the characteristics of the material make it ideal for enduring harsh weather conditions.

Wrought iron is:

  • Resistant to fading
  • Resistant to rust
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Heavy (ideal for outdoor furniture)
  • Comfortable and provides support
  • Less likely to dent compared to other metals such as aluminium

Buying the appropriate furniture for your outdoor space is vital for the overall theme of your garden and ensuring its practicality. Make sure you’re buying high-quality, authentic wrought iron from a specialist company such as Red Hill for optimal performance and valuable products. When it comes to wrought iron furniture for sale, there are many fake alternatives on the market. However, only authentic wrought iron will provide the desired benefits and last for a longer time.


Wrought Iron requires careful maintenance to allow for a longer lifecycle of your outdoor furniture. Maintenance comes in many forms and can alternate depending on what state your wrought iron furniture is in. Therefore, we have outlined various types of maintenance and care that you can apply to your wrought iron outdoor furniture.

General Care

With general routine cleaning, you can eradicate any lingering dirt, dust or bacteria built up on your outdoor furniture over time. Wrought iron must be adequately maintained as routine cleaning will prevent the formation of rust. While rust may not be controllable, many actions can be taken to ensure your wrought iron furniture remains in pristine condition for as long as possible.

A general cleaning routine that incorporates everyday cleaning items such as warm water, soap, and a high-quality sponge is a solid starting point for maintaining your wrought iron furniture. A common cleaning routine will consist of:

  1. Fill buckets or spray bottles with warm water – have one bucket ready for cleaning and one for rinsing.
  2. Make the cleaning solution – add soap to the buckets of water; this could be liquid, dish, or gentle household soap or even vinegar if your wrought iron items are on a smaller scale. Do not use antibacterial soap as they contain bleach and will damage your wrought iron furniture.
  3. Steer clear of any non-wrought iron materials – depending on where your wrought iron furniture is situated, ensure that any items made from a different material are either removed or carefully covered while the cleaning process occurs.
  4. Begin the cleaning process – remove dust and dirt by cleaning the wrought iron in a circular motion but be careful not to damage the material by being too vigorous.
  5. Rinse and dry your wrought iron completely – rinse your item thoroughly with either more water or a clean sponge, and then leave your furniture to dry naturally in the sun.

Intensive Care

A wrought iron furniture intensive care routine consists of all five stages of the general care procedure but adds elements of restoration and rejuvenation. Complete steps 1-5 and then perform the following:

  • File down rust – if your wrought iron furniture is looking a little worse for wear, utilise sandpaper or a wire brush to remove any visible rush spots. Further action can also be taken using chemicals; however, you may want to seek professional help for this process.
  • Restore damaged paintwork – once you have removed any visible rust from the furniture, prepare your wrought iron for refinishing by cleaning off all dust and debris and rinsing and drying the surface. Utilise acrylic latex paint or oil-based paint, which is made specifically for outdoor metal furniture. Apply two coats and allow your furniture to dry thoroughly before use.

Preventative Maintenance

Despite cleaning, you can also utilise preventative maintenance as a way of caring for your wrought iron furniture. Protect your furniture from any scratches, chips or rusting by taking appropriate preventative measures, such as covering your furniture with a tarp to protect it from harsh weather, applying wax, and giving it regular dusting whenever necessary.

Expert Maintenance

Maintaining your wrought iron furniture properly can be difficult when you’re unsure of where to start. At Red Hill Wrought Iron, we have a team of experts that understand wrought iron supply and maintenance. No matter what theme you’ve created for your garden, we will help you choose the best wrought iron furniture to match the aesthetic. Whether you are looking to buy wrought iron birdbaths, garden obelisks or plant supports, we manufacture and supply high-quality, personalised products. Additionally, to ensure your wrought iron furniture continues to prosper in your garden for years to come, we’ll provide you with high-quality advice and tips on how to care for and maintain your wrought iron furniture properly. For more information on wrought iron for sale in Australia or our company, contact us today.

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Wrought iron furniture can be an elegant, sophisticated addition to any outdoor space. With a range of products and types of furniture that can be created from the material, there’s no reason not to include wrought iron in your garden makeover. For more information on buying and maintaining wrought iron furniture, talk to our experts at Red Hill Wrought Iron today. You can contact us through our website or call us on 0417 594 088.