Redecorating your garden will breathe new life into an outdated or dull space. Transform the look of your home by incorporating a fresh style and theme into your garden. This may seem like complex, strenuous work – however, you don’t always have to start from scratch. Our team has outlined 4 eye-catching and alluring garden themes that will fit your existing wrought iron furniture perfectly. Wrought iron outdoor furniture is incredibly versatile and can be utilised for numerous aesthetics. With its prolonged lifecycle and adaptability, there’s no reason not to use your wrought iron furniture as the centrepiece for your newly themed garden.


Country/Cottage Style Garden

Lush, green, and full of colour, a country or cottage style garden can grow into an inviting space filled with strange and wonderful plants and delightful flowers. Create a space that oozes sophistication and class when matched with the perfect wrought iron garden furniture. Do you already own a wrought iron gate or garden obelisk? Allow these pieces to shine in a country inspired landscape.

A country or cottage style garden incorporates luxurious foliage with rich sculptures made from high-quality materials to imitate the feeling of serenity. Rose bushes, hedges, and mature trees all perfectly represent the basis of a cottage-style garden. However, no garden is complete without the appropriate furniture.

At Red Hill Wrought Iron, we can help you create the ideal country/cottage themed garden with a wide range of wrought iron furniture. We manufacture and supply garden arbours, gates, obelisks, standard furniture, and much more. Pair your edible plants and impressive vegetation with a garden obelisk for added structure and a unique focal point. Alternatively, a customised wrought iron gate can capture the feeling of serenity inside your outdoor space. At Red Hill Wrought Iron, our garden furniture sets for sale will add class and value to your property and transform the space into an elegant country or cottage styled oasis.

Rustic Garden

Keep your garden looking cosy and casual with a rustic, natural themed landscape. Break the rules of modern design and instead inject vintage, unique pieces into your outdoor space. By repurposing old wrought iron furniture or customising new pieces to fit the overall theme – your garden will develop a personality of its own.

Rustic themed gardens typically incorporate highbrow plants and flowers with edgy colours and sturdy logs and branches that are used to provide some form of structure. Utilise old pieces of furniture such as broken bikes, containers, vases, and chandeliers to bring new life and character into your garden. By harnessing your DIY skills, you can transform these everyday items into plant pots, garden beds, and interesting focal points. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to a rustic garden, and therefore, using outdated pieces to create a sense of history in your landscape will be perfect for when you decide to add wrought iron furniture to the space. An antique-like aesthetic is favourable when it comes to a rustic garden. To help achieve this look, wrought iron outdoor furniture is perfect for both practicality and design. At Red Hill Wrought Iron, we supply and customise garden arbours, plant supports, and concentric orbs to turn your rustic garden dream into a reality. With an elegant framework and attractive features, our wrought iron furniture will become the creative masterpiece of your newly themed rustic garden.

The Aussie Bush Garden

Bring a piece of the Australian outback right into your garden with an Aussie Bush inspired theme. With the addition of wrought iron furniture and native Australian flowers, your outdoor space will pay homage to the beautiful landscapes that surround our country. Transforming your garden into an Australia oasis is easy with native, low maintenance plants.

Swan River daisies, banksias, grass trees, and wattles are all native, charming Australian plants that will diversify your garden with both colour and naturalistic design. Adding other foliage such as succulents, herbs, fruits, and berries will create the perfect bush-like landscape that captures the essence of the Australian outback. However, no garden is complete without levels of practicality. Therefore, you must incorporate high-quality wrought iron furniture into your Australian bush space. Red Hill Wrought Iron can create numerous items specifically designed to fit an Australian backdrop. We specialise in fire pits, birdbaths, outdoor wall art, and more to help you put your own spin on what it means to live in Australia. Create an everlasting Aussie Bush garden with wrought iron furniture and a unique collection of floral.

Farmhouse Garden

An ideal way of repurposing your wrought iron outdoor furniture is through a new and improved farmhouse themed garden. Farmhouse landscaping incorporates vintage décor, local and native plants, and natural stone-like elements to form a tranquil and peaceful environment. Unlike modern or city-inspired architecture, farmhouse themed gardens use colours inspired by the earth. This includes soft greens, yellows, delicate browns, and overall pink tones. These colours are reflected in the choice of flora, with larger plants often encapsulating a more farmhouse feel. Increase the appeal of your farmhouse garden with wrought iron furniture made specifically for your property. At Red Hill Wrought Iron, we create products such as birdbaths, firewood holders and stackers, Corten street numbers, and property signs to provide a warm, farmhouse feel for your property. Whether you have old wrought iron furniture that you are trying to repurpose or you are seeking to buy new pieces that stand out, utilise wrought iron as inspiration for creating the perfect farmhouse themed garden for your home. 

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Wrought iron outdoor furniture is the perfect foundation for refreshing the look and feel of your garden. With its highly versatile nature and aesthetic appeal, wrought iron can be used to inspire a range of unique and interesting garden themes. For more information on wrought iron outdoor furniture and how it can transform the look of your garden, contact our team at Red Hill Wrought Iron today or call us on 0417 594 088.